MassMEP and MACWIC Provide 30 Vocational / Technical High Schools with Manufacturing Education Resources

  • On November 17, 2014

Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP), a leading resource for manufacturing companies in Massachusetts, and the Manufacturing Advancement Center Workforce Innovation Collaborative (MACWIC) have provided 30 Massachusetts Vocational/Technical High Schools teaching machine tool technology with Gold Level online access to Jeremy Bout’s eduFactor videos These videos provide the schools with additional resources to promote their manufacturing programs and the value of a career in manufacturing to students and parents.

VIDEO: Noel Velez Finds a Home in Manufacturing

“These videos are part of MassMEP’s commitment to the future growth of a workforce in manufacturing,” stated Jack Healy, Director of MassMEP. “They will be used at the schools as an additional promotional resource for open houses and recruitment nights. They can also be used with ninth graders exploring career options, and most importantly, with the decision makers in the students’ lives.”

MassMEP and their partner, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, have also committed curriculum and software to support statewide skills attainment at the high school level through MACWIC’s Applied Manufacturing Technology Pathway Certification. The Certification serves two purposes: (1) to add value and merit to the industry, encouraging individuals to consider careers in manufacturing, and (2) to create a standard instruction set and continually improved evaluation process so employers readily understand the skill set and competencies of an applicant, thereby reducing the cost of hire. The Certification is based on a skills set pyramid; Level One and Level Two can be completed at the high school level.

The Applied Manufacturing Technology Pathway Certification pyramid.

Figure 1. MACWIC Applied Manufacturing Technology Pathway Certification

To date, 229 students in manufacturing technology programs have been tested at 14 Massachusetts technical/vocational high schools for competency in Level One of the pyramid, the equivalent of entry level in a manufacturing career.

“The MACWIC testing has provided our Precision Machining / CNC program with great feedback for determining where gaps in skill levels exist and where improvements can be made,” said Brian Cummings, Worcester Technical High School. “Our relationship with the program and the addition of the eduFACTOR subscription provides access to materials and promotional videos that we, otherwise, would not be able to afford.”

At the Gold Level the schools have access to: EduTAINMENT Zone, Career Pathway Zone, Technology Zone, Marketing Zone, Maker Projects, Open House Project Zone, Virtual Presentation Zone, and Freemium Zone. Each area is designed to provide the user with tools for them to use internally to generate an interest in a career in manufacturing.

The purpose of the Manufacturing Advancement Center Workforce Innovative Collaborative is to preserve manufacturing tribal knowledge and to execute the transfer of knowledge and critical skills to the current and future workforce. For more information, visit