CONNEX™ Massachusetts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CONNEX™ Massachusetts?

CONNEX™ Massachusetts is a online SaaS platform that connects all Massachusetts manufacturers and suppliers into a single searchable solution. It allows manufacturers, suppliers and buyers to quickly post and respond to needs, visualize supply chain risk, search for qualified manufacturers, and discover new business opportunities.

Why Should I Join CONNEX™ Massachusetts? What's in it For Me?

If you’re a MA. manufacturer, there are many reasons why you should join and participate in CONNEX Massachusetts. Here are a few of the main reasons:

  • Access to a Detailed Directory of all U.S. Manufacturers and Suppliers: This in-depth directory helps you find qualified domestic suppliers with the specific products, services and manufacturing. capabilities you need. You can also use it to find new customers whose needs fit your capabilities.
  • Network, Interact & Connect: The powerful interactive networking tools in CONNEX let you find and be found across the local and national supply chain. You can:
    • Connect with buyers, primes, OEMs and other qualified manufacturers who have what you need, or who need what you have.
    • Participate in OEM purchasing events, matchmaking sessions and industry forums designed to help grow your domestic supplier base. Post and respond to RFPs, RFQs and RFIs
    • Publish needs or surplus notifications.
  • Advertising & Promotion: Every day, large buyers are looking for manufacturers just like you. Creating and maintaining your manufacturing profile allows others to easily find you based on your manufacturing capabilities.

Who Created CONNEX™ Massachusetts?

CONNEX™ Massachusetts, licensed by MassMEP, is part of the national supply chain platform called CONNEX™ Marketplace, which was developed by i5 Services, a U.S. manufacturing solutions company. CONNEX™ Massachusetts provides free access for all Massachusetts manufacturers.

How Can CONNEX™ Help me Find New Business Opportunities?

CONNEX™ makes it super easy to find new contract opportunities. Within the platform, you can view RFPs, RFQs, RFIs and other needs posted from buyers. In addition, based on your profile, you can be notified of all new opportunities that you are uniquely qualified for and have a good chance of being considered for. Many times, these are opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about however CONNEX™ finds them for you based on your capabilities, equipment, certifications and more.

How is CONNEX™ Different From Other Similar Platforms?

There are many unique features of CONNEX™ that make it different from other platforms:

  • CONNEX™ Massachusetts is FREE for all MA manufacturers to use within the state.
  • More than Just Another Bid-Board: While many other platforms simply offer re-post government bid listings, CONNEX™ focuses on building long-term relationships between suppliers & buyers by only allowing buyers to directly post their needs on the platform and only suppliers to directly respond. Within a few clicks, a direct relationship is formed.
  • Partnerships: CONNEX™ was built in partnership with over 100 manufacturing organizations across the country, including the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).
  • CONNEX™ Marketplace is $500/Yr per company location to access the entire U.S. database (with unlimited user licenses per location!)

COMING SOON - Can CONNEX™ Help Me See My Supply Chain and Identify Risks?

Yes! With CONNEX™, it’s never been easier to visually see your entire supply chain. You can view your supply chain in various ways, identify supply chain risks and see suggested alternate suppliers to mitigate that risk.This information remains confidential to your organization.

Can CONNEX™ Help Me Find Massachusetts suppliers?

Yes! You can use CONNEX™ Massachusetts to search thousands of Massachusetts manufacturers and quickly find the perfect supplier for your needs. You can also easily expand your search nationally and search for suppliers across the U.S. (see “How Can I Upgrade?”)

What Does it Cost to Access CONNEX™Massachusetts?

Through the MassMEP license, the CONNEX™ Massachusetts platform is FREE for all Massachusetts manufacturers and suppliers!

How Secure is My Data?

Data security is always a top priority! Your data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. No one outside of your organization can see your confidential information without your express permission. In addition, the platform is constantly being updated to meet the latest cybersecurity standards.

Can Someone Help Me Setup & Optimize My Profile?

Yes. To receive assistance, reach out to and MassMEP can provide support.

Who Can Use CONNEX™?

Right now, the platform is only open to large and small manufacturers who participate as buyers or suppliers in the manufacturing supply chain. The platform is not open to distributors or service providers at this time.

COMING SOON - How Will CONNEX™ Help me Strengthen my Supply Chain?

You can find alternative suppliers, view your supply chain, highlight single supplier and financial risks within your supply chain, see companies on government watchlists, and more. You can also find suppliers by searching the thousands of state manufacturers and using filters to find companies with products and services that match your specific needs. For national supply chain connectivity, manufacturers can upgrade to CONNEX™ Marketplace through CONNEX™ Massachusetts.

What is the difference between CONNEX™ Massachusetts and CONNEX™ Marketplace?

CONNEX™ Massachusetts is a free state-only version of the national “CONNEX™ Marketplace” platform. Although it’s free, users are limited to only seeing and interacting with other Ma. manufacturers and suppliers. CONNEX™ Massachusetts users cannot see profiles or posted opportunities in any other state.

Upgrading to the full national access of CONNEX™ Marketplace is easy and inexpensive. It’s only $500/Yr per company location with unlimited user licenses per location! Upgrading to national access allows users to view, search, interact and respond to manufacturing opportunities across the entire U.S. rather than just Massachusetts.

How Do I Upgrade my Free Subscription to Access the Entire National Database? (CONNEX™ Marketplace)

To upgrade your account, you must first create a CONNEX™ Massachusetts account (see below). After that, go to your account and click on “My Subscriptions”. Select to upgrade your account to CONNEX™ Marketplace and enter your payment information or promo code. Membership can be cancelled at any time.

How do I request a CONNEX™ Massachusetts account?

  • Visit
  • Click the “Request an Account” button and fill out the necessary information.
  • Watch for a validation email and click on the link. Login and complete the wizard to create your company profile.

After that, we will approve your account on our end and you can begin using the system. It’s that simple!

Who Do I Contact With Questions?

If you have questions or need more information, please contact us at:, 508 831-7020.