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Breakout Sessions

Unlocking Efficiency: Additive Integration for Rapid Prototyping, Fixturing, and Streamlined Operations
Delve into the integration of additive manufacturing and witness your business’ transformation. By seamlessly incorporating additive manufacturing into daily tasks, not only does it accelerate processes and stimulate creativity, but it also significantly shortens lead times and enhances supply chain resilience. Experience the rapid prototyping and fixture creation that empowers your team, delivering tangible results and reinforcing a culture of innovation and efficiency.

Simple, Real Smart Manufacturing Solutions In Action
Explore technologies and strategies that enable quick integration of data-driven insights into the manufacturing process. Hear from a local manufacturer who has adopted simple smart manufacturing solutions to create a digital twin of their operations (that have not changed in decades) to bring real-time monitoring and process analytics to their factory – with no changes in the process itself, or the team managing it! See demonstrations of other small manufacturers leveraging simple SM tools resembling your factory.

Breaking Barriers: The Connected Worker – Integrating Technology into Your Workforce
This session is your gateway to discovering tools that directly tackle the challenges encountered in harnessing the full potential of your manufacturing operations. Embark on a transformative journey to explore the vital role of the workforce as the cornerstone of operations and delve into how cutting-edge technologies can boost their capabilities. Join us as we navigate the imperative for real-time production visibility and discuss the pitfalls of unsuccessful smart manufacturing initiatives.

Manufacturers and AI: Decoding the What and Why
Embark on a journey of practical insights to uncover the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in manufacturing and gain actionable knowledge on how to apply these principles to your own shop. Beyond the theoretical, explore real-world applications outside the realm of chat GPT, emphasizing the tangible impact AI can have on your operations. Understand why data is the essential first step and how harnessing its power can lead to informed decision-making and enhanced efficiency within your manufacturing processes.

Innovating Workforce Excellence: Leveraging the Benefits of Neurodiversity in Manufacturing
Hiring individuals with autism brings specialized skills like attention to detail and precision, fostering innovation and excellence in manufacturing tasks. Embracing diversity contributes to a loyal and dependable workforce. Explore how the Uniquely Abled Project is demystifying a large population of untapped talent as they shift the paradigm of thinking from “disabled” to “uniquely abled” and how integrating this exceptional talent can enhance and diversify your team.


Redefining Organizational Culture for the Modern Manufacturing Workplace – –
As the manufacturing landscape evolves with technological advancements and artificial intelligence, it becomes imperative for organizations to cultivate intentional cultures that foster innovation, support AI integration, enhance employee retention, and instill a sense of accountability. This session will provide valuable insights and practical strategies for leaders and professionals seeking to align their organizational culture with the demands of the contemporary manufacturing environment.

Untapped Potential: Building out your pipeline with nontraditional workers
Discover the tools available in diversifying your talent pool and the strategic power of implementing equitable hiring practices. Gain a deeper understanding of how your company can become eligible for government contracts, access funding, and tap into other valuable resources by enacting a robust diversity strategy and creating an actionable plan.