Globally Commercialized Innovative Product Achieved

The Challenge

The senior management team understood that in order to increase sales, expand their market base, and ultimately grow their company, they needed to continually develop internal processes – thereby becoming more competitive and providing more value to all of their customers.

"on the fly"

The solution

The MassMEP worked with Precision Engineering in the areas of…

AS9100C, ISO certifications, Amada laser cutting system, ERP/MRP system’s

The installation of an additional Amada laser cutting system, which is able to cut metal up to 1” thick has enabled PEI to simultaneously increase capabilities and capacity – relieving pressures on existing laser and punching equipment, to better meet customer delivery requirements.

MassMEP worked with President Liora Stone and her team to not only decide on AS9100 certification but to implement the process, achieve successful AS9100C certification , renewexisting ISO certifications, and find assistance in financing the project.

  • 15% Increased Sales

  • Increased Work

  • Increase in staff

  • Purchase of Amada laser cutting system

  • New ERP/MRP System

  • Half of EEU (Enterprise European Market)

About Precision Engineering Inc.

Founded in 1988, Precision Engineering Inc. is a certified woman-owned contract manufacturer,delivering high-quality custom metal fabricated solutions, to support their customers’ complex metalworking needs.

Using advanced technologies, they incorporate automation and robotics into the production process, to minimize your production line interruptions and maximize your cost savings, while being adaptable to your change situations.

With MassMEP

With many jobs already requiring aerospace type standards of excellence and some customers already bridging both the commercial and the aerospace/military sectors, obtaining additional certification to AS9100 was the logical choice. Once a growth plan was in place, the question became how to achieve AS 9100 certification in a manner that enhanced and developed the current QMS, cost-effectively and without “making everybody crazy”. Precision Engineering contacted MassMEP.

AS9100C, ISO Certifications, Amada laser cutting system, ERP/MRP system’s


Increased work


Stricter control on QMS

“Certification to AS9100C has opened doors for Precision Engineering. Management is already seeing an increase in sales of approximately 15%; along with the increased work, comes increased opportunities for hiring workers to ll the various skilled jobs - from administration to production.” Liora Stone, President