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Strategy & Transformation

It’s Time To Turn Your Vision Of Growth Into A Reality

Transforming a company into a next-generation manufacturing operation takes vision and an enterprise-wide strategy. Our innovation experts can show you how to successfully align people, processes, best practices, and goals with resources to help you develop a plan worth following.

Revenue Growth Plan Development Training

This program provides a comprehensive understanding of how to develop a differentiated growth plan for your business. Participants will learn how to understand their revenues by source context with the available growth capacity of their business leading to valuable new insights and actionable strategies for growth. When the program concludes, participants will have developed a portfolio of Investable Growth Initiatives for their company to support growth actions going forward.

Key benefits include:

  • A disciplined, methodical approach and how to apply the supporting tools, to identify, plan and drive growth in their companies, and will be able to apply these skills immediately to their business.
  • Use the Sources of Revenue to understand their revenue performance with similar clarity to how they understand their cost performance.
  • How to build a Fields of Plan to see a more comprehensive growth picture for their companies
  • How to do Market Research to inform their decision making
  • Developing a portfolio of Investable Growth Initiatives to plan, guide and execute future growth
  • Understanding how to activate capacity in their company that can be applied to growth

Sales Training

This sales training course enables the participants to reach their monthly sales goals in 4 months. They will develop a marketing, prospecting and sales strategy specific to their business that enables them to get meetings with their ideal targets without wasting time and develop high skill in applying a sales process for their business to get the results they need. This training is for sales people and sales managers with a basic level of sales experience and want to become top producers.

Key benefits include:

  • How to develop a written marketing plan to produce leads
  • Developing your prospecting plan with channels and formula
  • Setting goals
  • How to getting referrals from your clients and strategic partners
  • What metrics are important and how to track them
  • Time management
  • Relationships and building trust
  • Controlling the sales process through agendas
  • Questioning techniques and listening skill
  • How to uncovering the compelling reasons to do business
  • How to get commitment
  • Uncovering the decision process
  • Getting to decision makers
  • Uncovering the budget
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiating skill
  • Avoiding buyer’s remorse
  • Handling objections

Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI)

Technology-driven market intelligence identifies the benefits and potential impact your company’s technology-based product or service will have on the market and then provides the customized, actionable intelligence you need to best capitalize on it.

Key benefits include:

  • Researching and identifying existing, emerging, and planned defense systems and platforms that have potential needs and/or requirements for the manufacturer’s technologies and systems across relevant branches of the DoD (e.g. Army, Air Force, etc.)
  • Conducting analysis on identified applications, platforms and programs including budget(s), program plans, and development and acquisition strategies;
  • Developing methodologies on how to connect and communicate with the appropriate points of contact associated with each of the targeted applications and communicate technical, performance, and cost attributes of manufacturer’s technology versus incumbent and unmet system/platform requirements;
  • Developing transition strategies associated with each of the targeted opportunities which will include elements of required technology development and augmentation, strategic partnerships, production requirements, qualification and specification process, and the identification of funding sources and strategies.

Scale Up

This program will provide participants with the knowledge and resources to achieve their growth objectives. Through real-life studies, group exercises and practical assignments participants will learn to evaluate their existing business model, devise a growth strategy and effectively scale their operations.

Key benefits include:

  • Introduction to the significance of a business strategy
  • Defining unique selling points and core values
  • Development of ideal client personas
  • Establishing one, three and five-year strategic visions
  • Evaluation of current business models and identifying areas of improvement
  • Comprehension of client needs and expectations and assessing client satisfaction. The ideal audience for this course is C-Suite Executives and Management, and is delivered virtually.

Upon completion of this program, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of their unique selling point, target audience, and the steps necessary to achieve their growth objectives. Participants will engage in case studies, group workbook exercises, and practical assignments, along with coaching sessions to address their unique challenges and receive personalized guidance.

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