Meet the Team

MassMEP Leadership and Staff

John Killam

Kimberley Ingalls
Center Director

Tom Andrellos
Director of Growth Services

Susan Dynan
Director of HR

Kristy Grignon
Sales & Marketing Director

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MassMEP Board of Directors

MassMEP is governed by a board of directors compiled of leaders in industry, government and manufacturing associations.

  • Brian Gilmore

    Manufacturing Consultant

  • Frank Morrone

    Gulf Oil Limited Partnership

  • John Berg

    Carpe Diem Technologies

  • Kathy Rentsch

    Quinsigamond Community College

  • Mark W. Smithers

    Boston Engineering

  • Dennis Leonard

    OFC Fitel LLC

  • Sarah Baker

    Silverside Detectors

  • William Sullivan

    (Chair) FLEXcon, Inc.