Success Stories

Discover how MassMEP was able to help businesses across Massachusetts accelerate to the next level

MassMEP is your resource for developing and implementing a sustainable business transformation that delivers measurable operational improvement and business growth. These success stories document some of the many ways we have helped our Massachusetts manufacturing clients recruit and train 14,000 skilled workers, create almost 2,000 jobs and $569 million in sales, and invest almost $240 million in modernization and workforce training while saving $140 million in costs.

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In 2014, ‘47 was going through an aggressive growth period after expanding their portfolio to USSF Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball International, and Cape Cod Baseball League. They also clinched the rights to produce caps for Major League Baseball on-field postseason celebrations until 2019.

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Lincoln Tool & Machine

Lincoln Tool was unable to participate in Aerospace and Defense business opportunities without being AS 9100 certified. This was a struggle for our second generation company that needed to grow and continue the family tradition of excellence and growth for future generations.

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Peerless Precision

As part of Kristin Carlson’s (President) growth and strategic
plan, she wanted the company to become more progressive
in its product line, markets, and overall efficiency. The
company also needed to increase sales as they had recently dropped due to sequestration.

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Lashway Lumber

In 2005 Lashway Lumber expanded its business through a sister company, Ponders Hollow, Westfield, MA which specializes in molding and flooring, continuing and extending the family’s dedication to wood-related products. Lashway Lumber was faced with the decision whether or not to invest in a vacuum kiln so they could expand their product into a growing market.

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Five years ago, Interscope would never have imagined having a globally approved product, ready for market. They had an idea on a piece of paper. Today Interscope has developed a product concept that can access and remove polyps through an endoscope instrument channel without removing and re-inserting the endoscope or multiple interventional instruments.

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Golden Cannoli

During late 2013 and into 2014, Golden Cannoli began to look at its business from a different perspective and challenged itself to find a way to contribute more to the profitability of the enterprise and develop a strategy to sustain the business for subsequent generations.

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Curtis Industries

During a period of rapid growth, Curtis Industries, a manufacturer of snow plows and cab enclosures for utility vehicles, had made some decisions “on the fly” when locating machinery and materials on the shop floor.

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Silverside Detectors

Silverside Detectors had trouble finding qualified suppliers to bring their product from idea to commercialization. They also needed a better understanding of which markets to target. At a national level, there is a need to have a much larger footprint of nuclear detectors covering transit networks, storage sites, borders, airports and high value targets.

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Fourstar Connections

A few years ago, Fourstar Connections learned about DOD funded training opportunities from MassMEP’s Jim Gusha, and took advantage of the funding to work on a project to analyze and decrease Fourstar’s transaction costs above the shop floor. The inefficiencies they discovered were eye opening to the owner, who participated during targeted Kaizen events.

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Flexo Concepts

Flexo Concepts was looking for a formal process to develop and introduce new products. MassMEP helped Flexo Concepts create a product development map and that work exposed several areas of the business that needed improvement work.

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Human Systems Integration, Inc. (HSI)

Human Systems Integration, Inc. (HSI) partnered with MassMEP to build their marketing and organizational capabilities and to develop a strategic growth plan. The strategic plan has been essential in defining the future direction of the company over the next 3 years.