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Workforce Development

Build An Expert Team And Empower Your Workforce

MassMEP works closely with manufacturers to equip teams for today’s manufacturing environment. By assessing your workforce’s current skill levels, we can identify areas of opportunity and determine a custom training program to develop effective employees and encourage continual growth. We work hand in hand with your team to implement our recommendations, ensuring you feel supported through the process and they are set up for long term success going forward.

MassMEP "MACWIC" Credentialing Levels 1 & 2

The MassMEP “MACWIC” Applied Manufacturing Technology Pathway is an advanced manufacturing certification and credentialing system. Dedicated to supporting manufacturing growth initiatives, this evaluation process enables employers to match candidates with the right competencies for each position – and reduce hiring costs in the process.

    • MassMEP offers the only industry-recognized credentialing system embedded within the Massachusetts Department of Education Vocational High School Machine Tool Technology curriculum guidelines.
    • In addition to high school students, MassMEP also provides “MACWIC” credential testing for a wide variety of continuing adult education programs, community colleges and prisoner re-entry training classes throughout the state.
    • Those MassMEP “MACWIC” certified applicants with “MACWIC” Level 1 Certification also receive pre-apprentice certification from the Mass. Division of Apprentice Standards.
    • For more information, contact macwic@massmep.org.

Tooling U-SME

Tooling U-SME is our online course offering, helping advance the next generation by supporting your organizational effectiveness with an expert team of skilled employees through employee development.

    • Take your training to the next level with Tooling U-SME.
    • Tap into the highest level of expertise in workforce development for your training needs.
    • Tooling U-SME works onsite with your human resources, management, and front-line team members to develop a business case for a training and development program, determine gaps in performance, and build a training strategy that delivers measurable ROI.

Front Line Supervisor Training

MassMEP’s Front Line Supervisor Training is designed to provide both awareness and education through classroom and actual “hands-on” exercises in the work environment with an emphasis on the Scientific Method of problem-solving, team building, and conflict resolution.

  • 1 year training program
    • Delivered virtually
    • One class per week
    • 3 training modules – leadership skills, manufacturing principles, problem solving
  • Registered apprenticeship
    • qualifies for MA Registered Apprentice Tax Credit
  • Funding support available through the Workforce Training Fund

You may qualify for a Workforce Training Fund grant to help pay for training and the MA Registered Apprentice Tax Credit.