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Success Stories — 2019

Discover how MassMEP was able to help businesses across Massachusetts accelerate to the next level

MassMEP is your resource for developing and implementing a sustainable business transformation that delivers measurable operational improvement and business growth. These success stories document some of the many ways we have helped our Massachusetts manufacturing clients recruit and train 14,000 skilled workers, create almost 2,000 jobs and $569 million in sales, and invest almost $240 million in modernization and workforce training while saving $140 million in costs.

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In 2014, ‘47 was going through an aggressive growth period after expanding their portfolio to USSF Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball International, and Cape Cod Baseball League. They also clinched the rights to produce caps for Major League Baseball on-field postseason celebrations until 2019.

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Flexo Concepts

Flexo Concepts was looking for a formal process to develop and introduce new products. MassMEP helped Flexo Concepts create a product development map and that work exposed several areas of the business that needed improvement work.

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Triton Systems, Inc

Triton Systems developed an adhesive technology that had the potential for multiple military applications and needed assistance in pursuing the development of specific products while also continuing to identify new product opportunities. Triton wanted to bring specific products to a stage where the Department of Defense (DOD) primes could test, validate and approve the products for use. Such products need to meet stringent military requirements including performance in temperature extremes, robustness and durability under very demanding operating environments. Current state-of-the- art materials are not able to satisfy the stringent requirements for these mission critical applications and Triton’s technology fills this important performance gap.

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Interprint, Inc.

Interprint was struggling with the culture at the company. They had implemented the Idea System developed by Dr. Alan Robinson about six years ago, but still struggled with safety concerns and sustainability. The basis of Dr. Robinson’s Idea-Driven System is this: idea driven organizations have many times the improvement and innovation capability of their traditional counterparts. If you learn how to tap the ideas of your front-line workers, you can truly break free of the reductionist “more with less” mindset. You and your employees will thrive in environments where you once would have struggled to survive.