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Success Stories — 2021

Discover how MassMEP was able to help businesses across Massachusetts accelerate to the next level

MassMEP is your resource for developing and implementing a sustainable business transformation that delivers measurable operational improvement and business growth. These success stories document some of the many ways we have helped our Massachusetts manufacturing clients recruit and train 14,000 skilled workers, create almost 2,000 jobs and $569 million in sales, and invest almost $240 million in modernization and workforce training while saving $140 million in costs.

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Mercury Wire

Mercury Wire puts a strong focus on curiosity, learning, challenging what they know, and not getting too comfortable in thinking that they know what they need to. When Mercury Wire was looking for training that would provide the next step in their lean journey, further improve their efficiencies and provide exposure to team members about where advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0 were headed, they contacted MassMEP, part of the MEP National Network™.

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Prefere Melamines

Prefere Melamines has days when everything goes great and days when they have issues. Their largest customer occasionally files a complaint, maybe once a year, because something is not right. In the past year Prefere Melamines had a contamination issue. One of the raw materials was contaminated and it affected their process significantly. They were unable to produce all of their products as scheduled. If the issue was not quickly resolved, they would begin to miss shipments to their customers.

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TrueBounce President Wayne Newton was running like crazy — on the floor, off the floor, in front of the books, out of the books, in shipping, in receiving. The company had five full-time and two part-time employees but Newton was still trying to cover too many parts of the business, leaving a strategic plan unimplemented and marketing efforts with no follow up due to a lack of time.

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Accutech’s primary focus is serving the food industry for their packaging needs. The company was working to the ISO 9001 standard when one specific customer required Accutech to become ISO 22000 certified. This customer represented about 20% of Accutech’s business, so it would be a significant loss for the company not to become ISO 22000 compliant. Accuetech turned to MassMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, for help.