Shout Out from a Social Distance Goes to FLEXcon Company, Inc.

Shout Out from a Social Distance Goes to FLEXcon Company, Inc.

  • On June 4, 2020

Shout Out from a Social Distance Goes to FLEXcon Company, Inc.

Meeting the COVID-19 crisis and stopping it in its tracks is partly reliant on how fast we can all pivot to new practices, provide necessary PPE equipment for frontline and essential workers, develop new and rapid testing and develop an effective vaccine. FLEXcon Company, Inc., in Spencer, MA, stepped up to meet part of this challenge.

Several people from FLEXcon’s local community approached them about making face shields for employees of essential businesses requiring personal protective equipment. FLEXcon’s innovative workforce, eager to provide a solution, was able to make use of the material they had in stock. Employees came up with product design, prototyping, user testing, assembly instructions, name, logo, packaging, website, and production process, and they delivered the first 2,000 for sampling within 36 hours.

“Since then we have donated 25,000 to major hospitals across MA, including 5,000 to Boston’s Mayor’s Office. They have also gone to over 100 different organizations including, nursing homes, EMT’s, visiting nurses, fire departments, and other front line services,” states Bill Sullivan, FLEXcon Vice President. “We can make 40,000/day and have enough material to make a total of 1.5 million shields.”

Bill continues, “We have a good raw material channel and source a lot of supplies domestically. We also have a crisis management plan that we deployed early on, and are expanding on that. As part of that plan, we deployed three teams: one focused on safety, one on communication, and one on business continuity. We send emails to our employees every day with updates. And all the Visual Standards and Work Standards work that we have done with MassMEP has helped us a lot through all of this.”

FLEXcon originally got into face shield production as a way to help out. Since then they have realized that there is a need for manufacturers in MA to be part of this supply chain and they are looking to see if they can be part of this solution by making either finished pieces or component parts. They have had no workforce disruptions and are still hiring. Visit FLEXcon by visiting:

Thank you FLEXcon for jumping in to meet an immediate need with an immediate response.