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MIDE Technology

The Importance of Training as Part of MIDE Technology Corporation’s Culture

Growth Manufacturers Case Study

The Challenge

Mide and MassMEP,  part of the MEP National Network™, have an ongoing relationship and meet periodically to identify additional training opportunities.

The Solution

The MassMEP worked with Mide Technology in the areas of:

The General Grant provided funding for a number of courses to strengthen different areas of the company. First, Mide implemented their training plan with MassMEP productivity courses for the office and production areas that included Lean for Job Shops and Lean Principles for the Office. Through value stream mapping (VSM), Mide evaluated processes in administrative areas for improved productivity, improving Mide’s administrative responsiveness. Mide also did VSM in their three production areas, and combined with the findings in engineering and productivity training the company found opportunities in quality process improvement. As a result, Mide hired a quality manager, and is evaluating their quality room and equipment. With improved office and administrative processes Mide was able to support the growing business with existing resources and improved workflow.

Overall the training made for a much-improved work environment for everyone as well as improved productivity, strengthening the company and leading to further opportunities for improvement. Mide now employs 65 people and has grown by eight since training with MassMEP started. The growth is being driven by new business, additional support functions and replacement of personnel.


Jobs Created


In Cost Savings


Increase in Engineers’ Productivity


About MIDE Technology

Mide Technology is a research and development company that excels in providing innovative engineering services leading to value-added products and solutions for their customers. Mide approaches every problem with a focus on requirements and systems engineering. They work with the customers as team members so they are able to better understand how their product fits into the customer’s system and solves the customers’ problem. Mide has a strong base of technical expertise and has many successful products while having been awarded over 20 U.S. Patents.

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With MassMEP

MassMEP along with Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) provided training resulting in a transformational, company-wide training program that went way beyond just the shop floor. The customized training program changed the mindset within the company from reactionary to one with a clear business model and strategic goals. The training provided the company with clear training goals and objectives. Now, all new hires go through a whole week of training. New employees spend at least 30 minutes with each department, plus lunch with the owners. They also conduct a 30-60-90 day check in periods with new employees.