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Fourstar Connections


The Challenge

Says Smith, “Phil (Holman) is a different kind of CEO. He knows what he doesn’t know and realized that they need to do things differently and have a Future State Business Strategy to grow the business.” Smith introduced Holman to MassMEP Innovation Manager Greg King who brought Fourstar to a panel discussion on Future State (by resource Giant Consulting) where they were reminded that, “there is no problem you as a business have to solve that hasn’t already been solved by someone else!” Holman was advised to get out, get involved in industry and talk to others like the MEP.

The Solution

The MassMEP worked with Fourstar in the areas of… stimulate growth, increase the value of the company, quality, risk, job instruction, job methods.

The VOP was “a look in the mirror” which reported the need for training and development of their management team. Smith conducted important Leadership Training classes. The company also saw positive results from a highly successful management training program.

MassMEP introduced resource Linda Desmond who worked with Fourstar on Project Management Skills providing valuable tools they needed to manage the projects outlined in their VOP.


Jobs Created

$4.7 Million

In Increased Sales


Testimonial Image

“The training has made me aware that there is a cure for everything if you open your eyes. The status quo is not acceptable. We are a good company but we were underachieving because we needed to know who the players are and get out there and share best practices.”

Phil Holman,
CEO, Fourstar Connections

About Foustar Connections

A willingness to do more, invest more and try more has made Fourstar Connections the ideal transformational thinking company resulting in significant growth. Fourstar Connections, Inc. pride themselves in “finding a better way” by delivering manufacturing services and solutions to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. They provide custom cable assembly, turn key solutions services and expertise-in new product design and development from their facility in Hudson, Massachusetts.

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With MassMEP

The success at Fourstar is largely due to Fourstar’s Senior Management Team and their positive attitude and willingness to be open to new ideas – to try new things. Holman knows what he doesn’t know and sought help from experts when they needed it. He was willing to take a hard look at himself and his business, make some difficult changes and take on a lot of hard work in order to transform his company into one that is healthy and growing. “Before we went through this I was so frustrated I would have sold the whole thing for a dollar. Now it’s fun again!” Says Holman

Value Opportunity Profile, Training within Industry, quality, risk

  • 40 Jobs Created
  • $4.7M Increased Sales

“Fourstar wants to deal with the sophisticated, high tech electronic companies who have the high expectations we can meet, but rebranding was a very scary commitment!” Says Holman