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The Challenge

Five years ago, Interscope would never have imagined having a globally approved product, ready for market. They had an idea on a piece of paper.

Today Interscope has developed a product concept that can access and remove polyps through an endoscope instrument channel without removing and re-inserting the endoscope or multiple interventional instruments.

The Solution

The MassMEP worked with Interscope to develop partnerships and bring his idea from concept on paper to an actual prototype.

Partnerships, prototype, match making, patents, ISO 143845 Certification, relationships.

The Interscope EndoRotor enabled this novel technique. This new method of removing diseased GI tract mucosa aims to potentially improve precision by reducing incomplete resection as well as saving time by reducing the procedure demands of the current techniques.

MassMEP worked with Interscope by finding suppliers in the areas that they needed and the first match was made with an existing MassMEP client, Algonquin Industries in Bellingham, MA.

143845 ISO


$7 Million

In Funding


New Employees




Testimonial Image

During the company’s nascent stages, Jeff Ryan, President of Interscope, walked through the doors of MassMEP and announced, “I have some drawings and an idea. I don’t know where to go or what to do to have a product manufactured.”

Jeff Ryan,

About Interscope Industries

Interscope was founded to pioneer novel interventional endoscopic techniques promoting minimally invasive procedures that shift surgical interventional to outpatient techniques. Develop and commercialize the EndoRotor and related technology to advance the practice of interventional Gastroenterology and Pulmonology.

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With MassMEP

With nascent proof of concept, Ineterscope worked with MassMEP to find someone in the medical device industry to manufacture the product that would meet strict requirements of the medical device industry. MassMEP Project Manager connected Jeff with Boston Engineering, also a MassMEP client and a designated Innovation Center by MassDevelopment. The partnership with Boston Engineering allowed Interscope to expedite their R&D efforts through the matchmaking relationship.

  • design for manufacturing, ISO 13485, partnerships, expansion of markets
  • $7 M New Investment
  • 5 New Products Developed

Expansion of Markets – Through the MassMEP Business network and it’s partnership with RTI and the EEN (Enterprise European Market) MassMEP was able to connect Interscope with a distributor channel in the United Kingdom and France while also enabling Interscope to pursue direct employees in Germany driving a 20% increase in gross margin therein.