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Lincoln Tool & Machine


The Challenge

Lincoln Tool was unable to participate in Aerospace and Defense business opportunities without being AS 9100 certified. This was a struggle for our second generation company that needed to grow and continue the family tradition of excellence and growth for future generations.

The Solution

The MassMEP worked with Lincoln Tool in the areas of… AS 9100 certification , ISO 9001:2008 certification, expand market reach.

At a Tech Sandbox incubator event, Scott Ferrecchia, President of Lincoln Tool, met with Tom Andrellos, Director of Growth Services for MassMEP. During their conversation Scott learned that MassMEP provided ISO training for their clients.

MassMEP worked with Lincoln Tool on their ISO Certification. Since Lincoln Tool worked with aerospace companies, they qualified for a granted provided to MassMEP by MassDevelopment.


Cost Savings


New Jobs


New Investment


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“The ISO Certification process that MassMEP helped us with was logical and simple to implement and sustain.”

Scott Ferrecchia,

About Lincoln Tool & Machine

With over three decades of experience in the precision machining industry, Lincoln Tool continues to maintain and improve its tradition of excellence in machined components and assemblies. Established in 1980 by James Ferrecchia, and now with son Scott at the helm, Lincoln Tool continues to be family-owned and operated servicing customers from the New England area to the global marketplace. Lincoln Tool services industries ranging from renewable energy, medical device, robotics and defense.

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With MassMEP

MassMEP worked with Lincoln Tool on their ISO Certification, during the training period, Lincoln Tool found the process to be simple, structured and provided the tools necessary for the staff at Lincoln Tool to undertake the internal improvement changes. Lincoln Tool had been working with another consultant and felt they were more confused after 18 months than when they started. In comparison, the MassMEP process made sense, met all the requirements and made it possible to implement within their company.

  • AS 9100 certification, ISO 9001:2008 certification, expand market reach
  • $25K Cost Savings
  • 4 New Jobs

MassMEP was able to develop a quality improvement plan that went from 10 very complicated pages to 2 pages of processes that they could easily implement and understand.