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Silverside Detectors


The Challenge

Silverside Detectors had trouble finding qualified suppliers to bring their product from idea to commercialization. They also needed a better understanding of which markets to target. At a national level, there is a need to have a much larger footprint of nuclear detectors covering transit networks, storage sites, borders, airports and high value targets.

The Solution

The MassMEP worked with Silverside Detectors in the areas of… material selection, assembly, PCB, design & production, quality controls, supply chain, partnering “on the fly” with local resources.

Through MassMEP’s expert-in-residence program at Greentown Labs, which was funded by a grant from MassDevelopment Silverside Detectors met MassMEP Growth and Innovation Director Peter Russo.

MassMEP experts were brought in to help Silverside Detectors move forward in a timely manner. They provided mentoring, quality contacts, and quick access to a viable supply chain.


In Employee Size


Increase In Sales


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What does the future look like for Silverside Detectors? The next generation will be able to sell neutron detectors to companies that integrate larger systems for a broad range of security and other commercial applications.

Silverside Detectors

About Silverside Detectors

Silverside Detectors is a team of physicists, engineers, and entrepreneurs committed to reducing the threat of nuclear terrorism. They develop nuclear radiation detection technology to protect cities and citizens from nuclear terrorism. Silverside Detectors believes: Networks of radiation sensors are the future of nuclear security, low-cost, large-area detection technology can transform cities’ preparedness against a nuclear terrorism event, and affordable, innovative technology can multiply the effectiveness of law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and other teams committed to stopping an act of nuclear terrorism.

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With MassMEP

After Silverside Detectors moved to their own manufacturing facility in Cambridge, Peter Russo introduced Sarah Haig of Silverside Detectors to a Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI) project. TDMI is a specific kind of market intelligence focusing on the market benefits, that a technology enables in a product. Based on the TDMI, Silverside Detectors gained a more detailed view of markets outside of government defense and homeland security. As a result, they made contacts that down the road may develop into a commercial market opportunity.

  • Material selection, assembly, PCB, TDMI, quality controls, supply chain
  • 2x Doubled employee size
  • 200% Increase in sales

Silverside Detectors goal is to be the number one supplier of neutron sensors and a leader in networked radiation detection.