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MassMEP Announces Promotions in Innovation and Growth, and Workforce Strategies Programs

  • On August 19, 2015

Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP), a leading resource for manufacturing companies in Massachusetts, is pleased to announce the promotions of Mr. Peter Russo to Innovation Program Manager and Mr. Ted Bauer to Director Workforce Development Strategies. With these appointments, MassMEP reinforces its commitment to delivering a full range of enterprise products and services for transforming Massachusetts manufacturers.

Peter Russo, Innovation Program Manager
Peter Russo specializes in working with MassMEP clients to bring their products to market and to identify new markets for existing product lines. Since starting with MassMEP, Russo has worked closely with Greentown Labs, mentoring its manufacturing members.

“MassMEP believes there is an element to every manufacturer’s business that can create opportunities for innovation and growth,” said Russo. “If a manufacturer has identified this element, then we will help them realize it. If a manufacturer does not yet have a target, then we will help lead the discovery process. We work most effectively with companies whose vision is to challenge the status quo and leverage connectivity with complementary progressive companies.”

“SME manufacturers are seeking affordable and simple solutions to grow their business, whether developing new products or accessing new markets,” said John Killam, Center Director, MassMEP. “MassMEP provides the resources and systems that address opportunities for growth via innovative solutions. Peter brings a unique skill set and proven approach that advance clients’ objectives. We are grateful to have such a talented individual and look forward to expanding our team of innovation and growth resources.”

Ted Bauer, Director Workforce Development Strategies

Ted Bauer continues to expand MassMEP’s Workforce Development Program. Under his direction, the program has developed and implemented a curriculum pathway that clearly identifies the skills and credentials of graduates for manufacturers. The program’s goal is to implement a curriculum pathway in all 16 of the state’s technical schools. So far, the program has been rolled out to 14 of the 16 schools.

“MassMEP continues to hear from manufacturing companies that they have openings at their facilities, but cannot locate skilled workers to fill the positions,” stated John Killam, Center Director, MassMEP. “Ted has played an influential role as MassMEP has developed tools and services to assist manufacturing companies in training those workers to meet the growing need for a skilled workforce. He will continue to lead the MassMEP Workforce Development Program as it spreads across the Commonwealth.”