Holbrook Middle-High School Partners with MassMEP for Online STEM Program

Holbrook Middle-High School Partners with MassMEP for Online STEM Program

  • On April 30, 2020


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Holbrook Middle-High School Partners with MassMEP for Online STEM Program

April 29, 2020 – Auburn, MA – MassMEP – The Holbrook Middle-High School (HMHS) is partnering with the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP) to provide students with All Made Possible, an innovative online STEM enrichment program for middle and high schools. All Made Possible is an education and workforce development program created by MassMEP to introduce HMHS students to the diverse careers and future employment opportunities available using emerging technologies within advanced manufacturing.

Laura J. Stevenson, Principal, Holbrook Middle-High School said, “Holbrook Middle-High School students are getting a real-world experience that is relevant to the world around them. We hope experiences like this will open students to new careers and future opportunities. We appreciate the collaboration and efforts to bring manufacturing and engineering into the classroom.”

MassMEP kicked off the All Made Possible learning program at HMHS on March 10, 2020, with the 8th grade STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) class. The program then continued with remote online learning to provide HMHS students with a vision of the future and a pathway to connect with it. The lessons learned from this program provide students with a view into the sustainable careers in Advanced Manufacturing. The HMHS students are learning about the next generation of emerging technologies, including:

  • Integrated Photonics
  • Advanced Fabrics
  • Flexible Hybrid Electronics
  • Advanced Robotics
  • 3D Printing

Students are also learning about the skills needed to manufacture products utilizing these technologies. Students receive mentoring from teachers as well as MassMEP and Manufacturing USA educators on the resources needed to design, manufacture, market, and distribute their products.

The learning objective of the All Made Possible program is for HMHS students to apply one or more of the technologies to a product concept that will address a current local or global need. At the conclusion of the program, students will present their ideas, and explain manufacturing options and the benefits provided to humanity.

Melissa Munroe, STEAM Educator at HMHS said, “This is an incredible opportunity to work with MassMEP. All Made Possible is so valuable to our students and MassMEP connects us with local industry to establish a link between our school and jobs for our graduates.”

HMHS Students received the first two All Made Possible remote learning sessions on April 6 and April 17, 2020. The first class oriented students on the technologies of the future. The second installment focused on the achievements of the Baker-Polito administration and the members of the Manufacturing Emergency Response Team (M-ERT) to pivot the Massachusetts manufacturing industry to fight COVID-19.  These actions are a model for students to follow with their own projects, providing guidance to them to identify problems in need of an innovative solution.

According to John Killam, President of MassMEP, “I believe the pandemic has enlightened all of us to the instability of the global supply chain. In the near future we will see an increased need for manufacturing employees to fill jobs created by a demand for a domestic supply of strategic consumables. Skilled workers are in high demand. We currently don’t have enough people entering the manufacturing industry to match future requirements. What can we do? AMP is the answer to reinvigorating interest in manufacturing careers and filling the pipeline of future employees.”

MassMEP is producing new All Made Possible content each week, accessible on the YouTube Channel. For additional information on the All Made Possible program, visit the web site.

Content for the All Made Possible program is provided with the support of the Manufacturing USA Institutes, AIM Photonics and AFFOA, as well as MIT’s Department of Material Science and Engineering, Bridgewater State University, and the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

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